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Mystery Painting


***Please know that these will be complete after the holidays, I am happy to send you a small card letting the person you are gifting to know that they will be receiving a custom painting****

This is a listing for a pre-order of a mystery painting! I am making it so that you can pay $100 upfront and then the remainder before the painting is shipped, as a way to make the cost more approachable and to also make customizable sizing. If this paining is a gift you might prefer to pay all at once so I have made both options available. This is for the person who likes the idea of a commissioned painting, isn't sure exactly what they'd like, and loves surprises! These work well as gifts for yourself or someone you love.

The sizes/costs are as follows:

11x14 inches- $525
12x16 inches- $625
16x20 inches- $675
18x24 inches- $750

*remember that this price is the total price, so deduct $100 to figure out what you will pay before shipping!

Its super simple: Once you purchase the listing, I will send you an email with a link to a form for you to fill out so I have all the details that will make this mystery painting completely geared to you. The questionnaire has questions like: Tell me a recurring dream you have, describe a place in nature that you feel the most relaxed and happy. What are some colors that you surround yourself with? Signed and shipped in a hard sided tube.

If this is a gift be sure to send me the email of the recipient and any pertinent information so I can send them the questionnaire and gather information from them. And if you’d rather pay everything at once just let me know in the notes and I can send you an invoice!

Turn around time is 8-10 weeks, I do everything I can to stick to this timeline, but understand that I make these by hand and sometimes other deadlines come up too, so patience and communication are key. If you need the painting by a certain time, just communicate that in the beginning and I will see what I can do.

*if you live in San Francisco be sure to use the code 'LOCALPICKUP' for free shipping, and I will schedule a time for us to meet up!